Land Agency

Landlord & Tenant, Rural Planning, Land & Property Valuations, Compensation and Dispute Resolution

Landlord & Tenant

With many years’ experience in the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 and the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995, we advise on Tenancy Legislation and in Disputes in Dilapidations and Compensation claims and on setting up tenancies, licences and equestrian arrangements.

We can assist with Succession Planning and formal Applications for Succession Tenancies and can contribute to Share Farming and Contract Farming arrangements.

Utility Companies & Compulsory Purchase

The interruptions of water, power, gas and telephone companies into the day-to-day running of farms, estates and land and the effects of compulsory purchase schemes can be a major and long-lasting inconvenience, with serious knock-on effects if not handled properly. 

We can deal with the legal preliminaries, mitigation arrangements and the negotiations for wayleaves, easements and compensation claims.

Rural Planning

We work with rural landowners and farmers to enhance the value of their properties through the planning and related processes.

We undertake 

  • Agricultural need and dwelling appraisals / justifications;
  • Business assessments, budgeting and reports for planning purposes;
  • Residential proposals and conversion schemes;
  • Equine applications.

Land and Property Valuations

We undertake valuation assessments of rural properties, land, woods and farms for Inheritance and Capital Gains taxation, matrimonial disputes, compensation claims, end-of-tenancy claims and business purposes.

Compulsory Purchase & Compensation

We offer pre-scheme advice and representation on road projects, pipeline proposals, cable schemes and access agreements and help owners and tenants through the construction phases and seek to optimise claims for compensation for associated and unavoidable losses. In many instances, our fees form part of the compensation claims.

Expert Witness

We have acted as Expert Witness in matrimonial, land and property (including residential), boundary, agricultural landlord and tenant and claims disputes, either as representatives or as single joint experts.

Dispute resolution

We can act as mediators or negotiators to resolve property and business issues without the need for formal legal action